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Selene PM M93984 Sandy
Selene PM M93984 Sandy

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Louis Vuitton Women Mahina Leather Selene PM M93984 Sandy

Superbly stylish and compact,the Selene PM adds a touch of chic to every ensemble.Its wonderfully supple perforated Mahina leather and chocolate coloured handle make an irresistible combination.

-Size:12" x 33" x 33" cm
-Calfskin trimmings
-Shiny golden brass pieces
-Removable straps
-Microfibre lining
-Detachable inner pouch
-Large interior zipped pocket with D-ring
-Interior patch and phone pockets

This Louis Vuitton HandBag since it was born, constantly brings surprises to people. In this season is no exception. This specific Louis Vuitton Women Mahina Leather Selene PM M93984 Sandy well made from exotic-looking leather material, so it shows a luxurious design naturally. If you want to get the attention of others, meanwhile you want receive other people’s envy, then you need Louis Vuitton Women Mahina Leather Selene MM PM M93984 Sandy to give a brilliant appearance.You can get the Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags at here with good price.
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